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Revs on the BBC Micro

Drivers: lowestPlayerNumber

Name: lowestPlayerNumber [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Drivers Summary: The number of the player with the lowest player number
.lowestPlayerNumber SKIP 1 \ Contains 20 minus the number of players, so that's: \ \ * 19 if there is one player \ * 18 if there are two players \ \ and so on, down to 0 if there are 20 players \ \ Human players take the place of drivers with higher \ numbers, so the first player takes the place of driver \ 19 (the aptly called Dummy Driver, as they never get \ to race), and the second player takes the place of \ driver 18 (Peter Out), the third player replaces \ driver 17 (Rick Shaw) and so on \ \ So this not only represents the lowest player number, \ but also the highest non-human driver number (which is \ lowestPlayerNumber - 1)