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Dashboard: leftTyrePixels

Name: leftTyrePixels [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Dashboard Summary: Pixels along the edge of the left tyre Deep dive: Drawing around the dashboard
Context: See this variable in context in the source code References: This variable is used as follows: * DrawTrackView (Part 3 of 4) uses leftTyrePixels

Contains a pixel byte for the white border (colour 2) along the edge of the left tyre. The tyreEdgeIndex table maps track line numbers to entries in this table. Each pixel is a colour 2 pixel, so the high nibble contains a 1 and the low nibble contains a 0, to give colour %10. Colour 2 is mapped to white at this point of the custom screen.
.leftTyrePixels EQUB %00000000 EQUB %10000000 EQUB %11000000 EQUB %01000000 EQUB %01100000 EQUB %11100000 EQUB %00100000