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Revs on the BBC Micro

Useful links

Here's a collection of links that I've found useful or interesting when working on this project.


BBC Micro information and tools

  • The Advanced User Guide - My most-thumbed book, which permanently lies by the side of my trusty Beeb, open at the assembly mnemonics section
  • Hex and binary converter - Probably the web tool I used the most during this project, especially when converting numbers into binary
  • BBC MOS disassembly - I found this particularly useful when trying to decipher undocumented OS calls
  • Mode 7 Teletext - A handy summary of the teletext codes that Revs uses in its menu screens


  • b2 - A Beeb emulator with brilliant debugging capabilites that happily works on the Mac, and which is now my go-to emulator for complex disassembly projects like this
  • JSBeeb - An absolute tour-de-force from Matt Godbolt, this browser-based emulator is wonderfully convenient
  • beebjit - The best BBC emulator for playing with disc protection on the original discs

Assemblers and disassemblers

  • BeebAsm - The wonderful 6502 assembler that powers the source code that is documented on this site
  • py8dis - An absolutely fantastic tool for disassembling original game binaries
  • A py8dis thread on Stardot - Some handy information for users of py8dis