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Screen buffer: dashData41

Name: dashData41 [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Screen buffer Summary: Contains part of the dashboard image that gets moved into screen memory Deep dive: The jigsaw puzzle binary
Context: See this variable in context in the source code References: No direct references to this variable in this source file
CLEAR &594A, &5A22 \ The track data is loaded in a separate file that is ORG &594A \ moved to trackData after the game binary has loaded \ \ It overwrites part of the dashboard image at that's \ loaded as part of the main game binary at dashdata41, \ which is moved into screen memory before the track \ data is moved \ \ These lines rewind BeebAsm's assembly back to \ dashData41 (which is at address &594A), and clear \ the block from that point to CallTrackHook, so we can \ set the correct address for dashData41 while also \ retaining the addresses we just set up for the track \ data .dashData41 SKIP 67 SKIP 149