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Extra tracks: newContentHi

Name: newContentHi [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Extra tracks Summary: High byte of the two-byte address that we want to poke into the main game code at the modify location
Context: See this variable in context in the source code References: This variable is used as follows: * ModifyGameCode (Part 1 of 3) uses newContentHi

This is also where the zTrackSegmentI table is built, once the modifications have been done. The block is padded out to be exactly 20 bytes long, so along with the newContentLo block, there's one byte for each inner segment z-coordinate.
.newContentHi EQUB HI(HookSectionFrom) EQUB HI(HookFirstSegment) EQUB HI(HookSegmentVector) EQUB HI(HookSegmentVector) EQUB HI(HookDataPointers) EQUB HI(HookUpdateHorizon) EQUB HI(HookFieldOfView) EQUB HI(HookFixHorizon) EQUB HI(HookJoystick) EQUB HI(xTrackSignVector) EQUB HI(yTrackSignVector) EQUB HI(zTrackSignVector) EQUB HI(trackSteering) EQUB HI(trackSignData) EQUB HI(trackSignData) EQUB HI(HookFlattenHills) EQUB HI(HookMoveBack) EQUB HI(HookFlipAbsolute) EQUB HI(Hook80Percent) EQUB &00 \ This byte pads the block out to exactly 20 bytes