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Revs on the BBC Micro

Text: tokenHi

Name: tokenHi [Show more] Type: Variable Category: Text Summary: high byte of the token address lookup table Deep dive: Text tokens
Context: See this variable in context in the source code References: This variable is used as follows: * PrintToken uses tokenHi

Note that token 47 is not used.
.tokenHi EQUB HI(token0) EQUB HI(token1) EQUB HI(token2) EQUB HI(token3) EQUB HI(token4) EQUB HI(token5) EQUB HI(token6) EQUB HI(token7) EQUB HI(token8) EQUB HI(token9) EQUB HI(token10) EQUB HI(token11) EQUB HI(token12) EQUB HI(token13) EQUB HI(token14) EQUB HI(token15) EQUB HI(token16) EQUB HI(token17) EQUB HI(token18) EQUB HI(token19) EQUB HI(token20) EQUB HI(token21) EQUB HI(token22) EQUB HI(token23) EQUB HI(token24) EQUB HI(token25) EQUB HI(token26) EQUB HI(token27) EQUB HI(token28) EQUB HI(token29) EQUB HI(token30) EQUB HI(token31) EQUB HI(token32) EQUB HI(token33) EQUB HI(token34) EQUB HI(token35) EQUB HI(token36) EQUB HI(token37) EQUB HI(token38) EQUB HI(token39) EQUB HI(token40) EQUB HI(token41) EQUB HI(token42) EQUB HI(token43) EQUB HI(token44) EQUB HI(token45) EQUB HI(token46) EQUB 0 EQUB HI(token48) EQUB HI(token49) EQUB HI(token50) EQUB HI(token51) EQUB HI(token52) EQUB HI(token53)