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Revs on the BBC Micro

Revs source code

The documentation project for Revs on the BBC Micro

BBC Micro Revs screenshot

Welcome to the ongoing project to document Revs, Geoff Crammond's epic racing simulator for the BBC Micro. The aim of this project is to document and explain every single line of Revs, which was the first proper racing simulator when it was launched in 1985, and is now regarded as the grandfather of modern sim racing.

I have documented around 77% of the codebase for the standard version of Revs, so things are progressing nicely. Progress is slow but steady.

This site accompanies the GitHub repository where the annotated and fully buildable source code is slowly taking shape. It contains deep dive articles that I write as I document the code, as well as other helpful documents such as these notes explaining the terminology used in the commentary.

Documenting Revs may take some time. In the meantime, you may be interested in my other projects, the fully documented source code for Elite on the BBC Micro, and fully documented source code for Aviator on the BBC Micro.

On your marks!

Mark Moxon