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Revs on the BBC Micro

About the version of Revs on this site

Information on the version of Revs analysed here

BBC Micro Revs screenshot

Acornsoft released Revs for the BBC Micro in 1985 (the first advert I can find is in the June 1985 issue of Acorn User, and the first review is in the July 1985 issue). It was available on both cassette and disc, though the game code is identical on both media. The version analysed on this site is identical to this original version, but with the copy protection disabled (specifically, it's the version from the BBC Micro Games Archive). The original release came with just one track: Silverstone.

Christmas 1985 saw the release of the Revs 4 Tracks expansion pack (it was advertised in the December 1985 issue of Acorn User). This expansion adds four new tracks to the original game (which you need in order to play the extra tracks), namely Brands Hatch, Donington Park, Oulton Park and Snetterton.

Superior Software released an updated variant of Revs in 1986, called Revs Plus Revs 4 Tracks. This variant contains all five tracks on one disc, and it also adds a new feature - computer assisted steering (CAS) - that helps guide you around corners, though without taking too much control.

Finally, I have backported the Nürburgring track from the Commodore 64 release of Revs+ to the BBC Micro.

Here are some suggestions for exploring these four variants of Revs: