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Track geometry: GetVergeAndMarkers (Part 3 of 4)

Name: GetVergeAndMarkers (Part 3 of 4) [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Track geometry Summary: Process the segment's corner markers
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: No direct references to this subroutine in this source file
LDA W \ If bits 3 and 4 of W are clear, which are these bits AND #%00011000 \ in the segment flags: BEQ gmar9 \ \ * Bit 3 (show right corner markers) \ * Bit 4 (show left corner markers) \ \ then we do not show any corner markers for this \ segment, so jump to gmar9 to move on to the verge \ marks in part 4 \ If we get here then we have a marker to draw for this \ segment LDY markersToDraw \ Set Y to the number of markers we have to draw CPY #3 \ If Y >= 3, then we already have three markers ready BCS gmar9 \ to show, which is the maximum at any one time, so \ jump to gmar9 to skip the following LDA segmentListPointer \ Set markerListIndex for marker Y to segmentListPointer STA markerListIndex,Y LDA W \ Set markerData for marker Y to the segment flags for STA markerData,Y \ this marker in W AND #1 \ If bit 0 of W is clear, then this is a straight track BEQ gmar8 \ section, so jump to gmar8 to skip the following \ instruction \ This is a curved section, so move the markers closer \ to the track edge by halving the distance that we \ store in xMarker LSR U \ Set (U T) = (U T) >> 1 ROR T .gmar8 LDA T \ Set (xMarkerHi xMarkerLo) for marker Y to (U T), so STA xMarkerLo,Y \ xMarker contains the width of the verge (halved if LDA U \ this is a corner), which we can use as the x-axis STA xMarkerHi,Y \ distance from the track verge to the marker INC markersToDraw \ Increment markersToDraw, as we have just added a new \ marker to the list