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Revs on the BBC Micro

To-do list

I have documented every byte of the Revs game code, but that doesn't mean that I've fully understood every byte (though it's close). Almost every single aspect of the code is explained, but there are a few issues that could benefit from another look.

This page lists all of the outstanding issues of which I am aware. These are the notes I made as I analysed the source, so they are fairly terse and might not be terribly clear.

3D objects

Brands Hatch

Car geometry


Drawing objects

Drawing the track


  • UpdateLapTimers: Explain current lap calculation, why is firstLapStarted incremented
  • UpdateLaps: Explain driverLapNumber BMI test, driver number being > current player in practice
  • AwardRacePoints: Explain multi-player algorithm
  • firstLapStarted: Why is this decremented in laps4?

Driving model



  • Divide8x8: Explain effect of initial value of T on result

Screen buffer


Track geometry