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Drivers: AddTimeToTimer

Name: AddTimeToTimer [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Drivers Summary: Add time to the specified timer Deep dive: Scheduling tasks in the main loop
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * ProcessTime calls AddTimeToTimer * UpdateLapTimers calls AddTimeToTimer

Arguments: X The timer to increment: * 0 = the clock timer (clockMinutes clockSeconds clockTenths) * 1 = the lap timer (lapMinutes lapSeconds lapTenths)
Returns: C flag Denotes whether the number of seconds has changed: * Set if the time just ticked on to the next second * Clear if the time is unchanged
.AddTimeToTimer SED \ Set the D flag to switch arithmetic to Binary Coded \ Decimal (BCD) LDA #&09 \ Set A = &09, so we add 9/100 of a second below LDY timerAdjust \ If timerAdjust <> trackTimerAdjust (which is 24 for CPY trackTimerAdjust \ the Silverstone track), jump to time1 to skip the BNE time1 \ following \ If we get here then timerAdjust = trackTimerAdjust, so \ we need to apply the clock adjustment, as this gets \ applied every trackTimerAdjust iterations around the \ main driving loop \ \ The clock adjustment speeds the clock up by advancing \ the clock twice as fast as usual, for this tick only LDA #&18 \ Set A = &18, so we add 18/100 of a second below .time1 CLC \ Add A to the tenths for the timer ADC clockTenths,X \ STA clockTenths,X \ starting with the tenths of a second PHP \ Store the C flag on the stack, so we can return it \ from the subroutine below (the C flag will be set \ if the lap time just ticked on to the next second) LDA clockSeconds,X \ Then we add the seconds into A ADC #0 CMP #&60 \ If A < &60, then the number of seconds is still valid, BCC time2 \ so jump to time2 to skip the following instruction LDA #0 \ Otherwise set A = 0, so 60 seconds on the timer \ increments back round to 0 seconds .time2 STA clockSeconds,X \ Update the seconds value for the timer LDA clockMinutes,X \ Finally, we add the minutes ADC #0 STA clockMinutes,X BPL time3 \ If the updates minutes value for the timer is \ positive, jump to time3 to skip the following JSR ZeroTimer \ Otherwise the timer just reached the maximum possible \ value, so wrap it back round to zero LDY currentPlayer \ Set the total race time for the current player to &80, LDA #&80 \ or 80 minutes (as totalRaceMinutes is BCD), otherwise STA totalRaceMinutes,Y \ the driver might finish with a very low time just \ because the race timer looped back to zero .time3 PLP \ Retrieve the C flag from the stack, which will be set \ if the addition of tenths overflowed (in other words, \ if the lap time just ticked on to the next second) CLD \ Clear the D flag to switch arithmetic to normal RTS \ Return from the subroutine